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Pay with Paypal


Because we cannot accept PayPal or Credit Cards directly on our site, we can help you pay with PayPal as easy as possible.

Please follow this simple 5 step instruction below to pay your order with PayPal instead:


Place an order on and then you will then see your order confirmation via email and after checkout (success page).

Please note down the “Amount in BTC” and copy the BTC Address to a notepad, or you can leave the page open.



Now go to the following link and find a reputable seller:

You will be able to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal with these sellers. The best options are usually on top.



Once you find a seller, click on “Buy” and enter the amount of your order. You may have to add a bit extra to the amount to cover any fees charged by seller. Just make sure “Amount in BTC” stated in Step 1 is the same.

Click on “Buy Amount” and wait for seller’s instructions.



Once the seller releases the Bitcoins, go to your Paxful Wallet located above near your profile image:



Click on “Send Bitcoin” and enter the BTC Amount and BTC Address you received in your order confirmation.



DONE! Your order will be updated as ‘processing’ to ‘complete’.